Anderson Brand Equipment 2020 kyle pearson freak 23 maxload usssa slow pitch softball bat 34 inch 25 oz heart of hide 2022 baseball glove 11 5 inch right hand throw 1 ap5 youth model maple wood baseball bat natural black 26 inch star cpcc1618s7xdg adult system seven pro chest protector dark green baseball glove 11 inch one piece tan black welt right hand throw heart of the hide 11 5 inch baseball glove pro i web right hand throw kyle pearson freak 23 12 usssa maxload slowpitch softball bat 34 inch 26 oz red line series 11 5 baseball glove right hand throw ghost tournament elite fastpitch softball glove 12 75 inch right hand throw

Type Anderson Flex BBCOR Baseball Bat -3oz 014016 32 inch 29 oz

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014016-3229 99.95