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AmazonLouisville Slugger WBVMI13-NH MLB Prime Maple Wood Baseball Bat 32 inch

  Louisville Slugger wood baseball bat MLB prime maple i13 turning model natural barrel hornsby handle. Inked. Bone Rubbed. HD Finished - MLB tested, MLB approved. Identical in quality and craftsmanship to what we send to the big leagues, MLB Prime features the top 3% of all wood we harvest, straighter and harder than any other bat – MLB Prime is big league wood. Graded for quality at 6 different stages from the time the tree is cut until the bat is finished, including the final step – the MLB ink dot slope of grain test. Veneer wood logs ensure maximum straightness and eliminate natural defects developed during tree growth. Vacuum drying guarantees the entire billet is dried evenly and at a pace healthiest for the wood. Bone rubbing compresses every cell to ensure your bat is as hard as it can get. Advanced finishing process (HD Finish) provides the final touch, solidifying the manufacturing processes so your bat is identical to the bats used by big league guys. Maple, the species preferred by most pro players, features the ultimate surface hardness and provides an unmatched sound and feel at contact. Naturally harder, maple offers added strength at impact. Closed grains eliminate flaking, commonly seen with ash, allowing superior durability against delamination. The large barrel of the I13 – among the top 3 turning models order by the pros – is best suited for stronger hitters with quick hands who prefer a more end loaded swing weight. Power is the result with the increased force at batball impact providing added jump off the bat. -Handle: 1516" -Barrel: Largebr /-Turning Model I13 End Loaded Swing Weight -Cupped: Yes -MLB Ink Dot: Yes

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