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AmazonLouisville Slugger Pro Lite Wood Baseball Bat I13 (32 Inch)

  Louisville Slugger Pro Lite are guaranteed -3 oz or lighter. Number 1 Grade Ash. Wine Handle - Black Barrel. I13 Turning Model. Cupped End. Ash is Strong timber lighter weight and pound for pound, ash is the strongest timber available. Ash has flexibility that isn’t found in other timbers, including maple. It tends to flex rather than break. This gives you a larger, more flexible sweet spot in terms of breakage. Due to ash being a lighter gross weight, we can produce a wider range of larger barrel models. The Louisville Slugger Pro Stock Lite Wood Bat Series is made from flexible, dependable premium ash wood, and is guaranteed to have a -3 drop or lighter (This model is guaranteed -5). Despite a lightweight feel, the Pro Stock Lite maintains all the durability of heavier models with the flexibility you expect from an ash bat. For over 130 years, Louisville Slugger has led the field in diamond sports innovation. Nowhere is our combination of time-tested wisdom and forward-thinking ideas more evident than in our baseball and softball bats. We built our name on our bats, and since 1884, those bats have time and again proven to be the best in the field.