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AmazonStringKing Metal 2 BBCOR Baseball Bat 31 inch 28 oz $54.99

  pStringking took the same premium alloy used in our best-selling Metal Pro BBCOR and overhauled the manufacturing process to create a better baseball bat in every way. Design, materials, and manufacturing working together to deliver elite performance.  /p h2 class="section-title"Maximum BBCOR./h2 div class="section-text"We thought we maxed out the BBCOR rating of our first generation of bats. Well, we outdid ourselves this time. BBCOR bats are limited by the rules to a rating of .500 or lower. All Metal 2 BBCOR bats have a rating of between .494 and .499—literally as much pop as the rules allow./div div class="section-text" /div div class="section-text" h2 class="section-title"Extended barrel./h2 div class="section-text"The Metal 2 BBCOR features an extended barrel and upgraded taper compared to the first generation Metal. The longer barrel gives the Metal 2 more surface area to make contact with the baseball, and a better chance for you to send one to Pluto./div div class="section-text" /div div class="section-text" h2 class="section-title"Premium materials./h2 div class="section-text"Metal 2 uses the same cutting-edge alloy as the original best-selling Metal Pro BBCOR. Proven quality you can trust, and backed by our quick, simple, easy-to-use 1 year durability guarantee./div div class="section-text" /div div class="section-text" h2 class="section-title"Smart design./h2 div class="section-text"Introducing variable wall thickness at the sweet spot to help you get the most power and durability out of your bat, and a slightly longer barrel to give you the best chance to make contact./div div class="section-text" /div div class="section-text" h2 class="section-title"Comfortable grip./h2 div class="section-text"An elite bat doesn't help much if it hurts to swing. That's why we made it a top priority to redesign Metal 2's grip and grip wrap. Send Moon shots to Pluto without hurting your hands./div /div /div /div /div