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AmazonRawlings Liberty Advanced Color Series 12.5 Fastpitch Softball Glove Right Hand Throw
EbayLefty Rawlings RLA125-18 12.5" Liberty Advanced 2.0 Softball Glove Various Color 169.95
EbayRawlings Liberty Advanced Softball Fastpitch Righty Glove 12.5” RLA125-15W 129.99
EbayRawlings RLA125KR Liberty Advanced Softball Mitt 99.99
EbayRawlings RLA125FS 12.5ʺ Fastpitch Softball Glove RHT Women’s 55.99

  Crafted from the finest full-grain leather, the Liberty Advanced 12.5-Inch fastpitch glove features exceptional quality. In addition, it also offers a soft, game-ready feel for a quick and easy break-in. The combination of its large, 12.5-inch softball-specific pattern and double-laced basket web make it an ideal choice for infielders, pitchers and outfielders alike. The adjustable pull-strap allows for a custom fit. As a result your glove will always feel comfortable on your hand. Furthermore, the Poron XRD padding provides optimal palm protection against even the hardest hit balls. All of this is packed in new, unique colorways for an unmatched look and style on the diamond. Take your game to the next level; shop now! ul li class="attribute"span class="label"Color: /span span class="value" White/Royal /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Throwing Hand: /span span class="value" Right /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Sport: /span span class="value" Softball /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Back: /span span class="value" Adjustable Pull Strap /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Player Break-In: /span span class="value" 30 /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Fit: /span span class="value" Standard /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Level: /span span class="value" Adult /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Padding: /span span class="value" PORON XRD Palm Pad /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Series: /span span class="value" Liberty Advanced /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Shell: /span span class="value" Full Grain Leather /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Web: /span span class="value" Basket /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Size: /span span class="value" 12.5 in /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Collection: /span span class="value" Color Series /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Pattern: /span span class="value" 125SB /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Age Group: /span span class="value" Pro/College, High School, 14U /span/li /ul