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AmazonRawlings R9 Baseball Glove 11.75 inch Right Hand Throw
EbayRawlings R9205-4BG 11.75 R9 Gold Glove Baseball Glove Standard Fit Youth 119.95

  The 2021 R9 series 11.75-inch infield/pitcher's glove offers exceptional quality at a value you'll love. This durable, full-leather glove features was crafted in our popular 200-pattern. It's also made with a modified Trap-Eze web that makes it perfect for both infielders and pitchers alike. It's soft, game-ready feel will have you ready to dominate on the mound, or up the middle, right out of the box. In addition, this glove was created with padded finger-back lining and thumb sleeves, and a reinforced palm pad too. As a result, your hand will stay comfortable and secure under any playing condition. Stop worrying about stingers and stay more focused this season. If you want an affordable glove that's ready to use as soon as you get it, you need an R9 series glove!   ul li class="attribute"span class="label"Sport:/spanspan class="value"Baseball/span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Back:/spanspan class="value"Conventional/span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Player Break-In:/spanspan class="value"20/span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Fit:/spanspan class="value"Standard/span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Level:/spanspan class="value"Adult/span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Lining:/spanspan class="value"Padded fingerback liners/span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Padding:/spanspan class="value"Reinforced palm pad/span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Series:/spanspan class="value"R9/span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Shell:/spanspan class="value"Soft, durable all-leather/span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Web:/spanspan class="value"Modified Trap-Eze/span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Size:/spanspan class="value"11.75 in/span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Pattern:/spanspan class="value"200/span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Age Group:/spanspan class="value"High School, 14U, 12U, 10U/span/li /ul