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EbayRawlings Heart of the Hide 13" Lefty Bryce Harper Outfield Baseball Glove PROBH3 299.95

  pMore pros trust Rawlings than all other brands combined, including 6-time MLB all-star player Bryce Harper. The Bryce Harper Heart of the Hide outfield glove is a testament to the 'Mark of a Pro.' It features a unique, stylish game-day design worn by one of the game's biggest superstars. This high-performance outfield glove also boasts a massive 13-inch pattern that gives you a huge pocket to snag any ball hit your way. Handcrafted from ultra-premium steer-hide leather to give you unmatched quality and performance, this Bryce Harper glove is sure to help you improve. It also features a Hyper Shell back for an extremely light weight feel, so you can track down more fly balls. Also, its deer-tanned cowhide lining, thermoformed wrist lining, and padded thumb sleeve provide unsurpassed comfort and feel. Regardless of playing conditions you're in, this glove will feel comfortable, and secure, on your hand. If you're an elite level player looking to take the next step, this HOH outfield glove is for you. Play like the best players in the MLB, get yours now!/p ul li class="attribute"span class="label"Throwing Hand: /span span class="value" Right /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Sport: /span span class="value" Baseball /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Back: /span span class="value" Conventional /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Player Break-In: /span span class="value" 60 /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Fit: /span span class="value" Standard /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Level: /span span class="value" Adult /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Lining: /span span class="value" Deer-Tanned Cowhide /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Series: /span span class="value" Heart of the Hide /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Shell: /span span class="value" Hyper Shell /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Web: /span span class="value" Pro H /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Used By: /span span class="value" Bryce Harper /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Size: /span span class="value" 13 in /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Special Feature: /span span class="value" Hyper Shell, Pro Game Day Patterns, Hand-Sewn Welting /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Pattern: /span span class="value" BH3 /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Age Group: /span span class="value" Pro/College, High School, 14U, 12U /span/li /ul