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AmazonRawlings Heart of The Hide Baseball Glove 11.75 Inch Pro H-Web Right Hand Throw
EbayRawlings Heart Of The Hide 11.75 PRO205W-6NG 127.5
EbayRawlings Heart of the Hide ColorSync 3.0 11.75" Mesh Glove - RHT - PRO205-9TIM 260.0
EbayRawlings Heart of the Hide Baseball Glove 11.75" PRO205-4SHB Trapeze Web Leather 199.99
EbayRawlings Heart of the Hide 11.75" RHT Pitchers Baseball Glove pro205-9bu 255.0

  pspan style="font-size: large;"The Rawlings PRO205-6GRSS 11.75 inch glove is designed for infield players, specifically those playing shortstop and third base positions. It has a stiffer feel, which will require a break-in period of about 60% of the break-in to be done by the player to ensure a comfortable fit and optimal performance on the field./span/p pspan style="font-size: large;"The glove has a standard fit, which is designed to fit a high school-to-adult sized hand, with a Rawlings' standard fit that includes regular finger stalls and a 7-inch to 7.5-inch wrist opening. The H-Web design and 205 pattern, which is the 11.75 inch Length, provides a deep pocket and standard palm width, closing the thumb to the 4th finger and pinky./span/p pspan style="font-size: large;"The glove is constructed from top-grade U.S. steerhide and features a deer tanned cowhide inner palm lining to improve comfort for the hand inside the glove. The colorway of this glove is grey, black and lime binding. It also includes an XRD index finger pad on the back of the shell for elite protection, padded thumb sleeve, pro-grade leather laces that add durability and strength, and thermoformed padding for the back of the wrist for added comfort when the glove is in use. Additionally, the speed shell backing made of synthetic material inserted in place of regular leather on the glove's backing, reduces weight without compromising durability./span/p