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  11.75" pattern Constructed from the top 5% of all available hides Same game-day patterns of the top pros in baseball. Limited Editing Olympic Country Flag Series. Constructed from Rawlings’ world-renowned Heart of the Hide steer hide leather, Heart of the Hide gloves feature the game-day patterns of the top Rawlings Advisory Staff players. These high quality gloves have defined the careers of those deemed “The Finest in the Field,” and are available to elite athletes looking to join the next class of defensive greats. Show your support for Japan this summer with this Heart of the Hide Japan infield/pitcher's glove. It honors the host country in a truly unique style. The embroidered flag on the thumb adds the perfect touch to the clean, classic two-tone design. In addition, it features our popular 200-pattern, which many of the game's best rely on due to its versatility and large pocket. The newly laced, 2-piece solid web adds a unique twist to the classic web design. It's also crafted from ultra-premium steer-hide leather for superior quality and comfort as well. As a result you'll have a glove that outperforms others and keeps your hand comfortable under any playing conditions. This is a special edition glove with limited quantities available while supplies last. Get yours now, before it's too late! ul li class="attribute"span class="label"Color: /span span class="value" Black /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Throwing Hand: /span span class="value" Right /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Sport: /span span class="value" Baseball /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Back: /span span class="value" Conventional /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Player Break-In: /span span class="value" 60 /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Fit: /span span class="value" Standard /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Level: /span span class="value" Adult /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Lining: /span span class="value" Deer-Tanned Cowhide /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Padding: /span span class="value" Moldable /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Series: /span span class="value" Heart of the Hide /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Shell: /span span class="value" Speed Shell /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Web: /span span class="value" 2-Piece Solid /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Size: /span span class="value" 11.75 in /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Collection: /span span class="value" Flag Collection /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Pattern: /span span class="value" 200 /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Age Group: /span span class="value" Pro/College, High School, 14U, 12U /span/li /ul