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AmazonMarucci Pro Model TVT Maple Wood Baseball Bat 33 inch
EbayMarucci MVE2TVT Matte Black/Black 33 Inch Trea Turner Maple Baseball Bat 169.95
EbayMarucci Baseball 32'' Handcrafted Pro Model Trea Turner Gray(MVE2TVT)Brand New 169.99
Ebay2021 Marucci Trea Turner Pro Model Maple Baseball Bat TVT 169.95
EbayMarucci Trea Turner Model Pro Maple Wood Bat 31" 169.99

  div class="document_vyy0c8" div class="pdfViewer viewer_azagep removePageBorders" div class="page" data-page-number="1" data-loaded="true" div class="textLayer"spanThis bat is made for getting on base. Marucci Partner Trea Turner’s TVT Pro Model was inspired by his quick /spanspanplaystyle and is crafted for contact. This model features a large barrel, thin handle and a tapered knob that gives it /spanspanan end-loaded feel and increased bottom hand control. Made for hitters that love covering all areas of the strike /spanspanzone./span/div div class="textLayer" /div div class="textLayer"spanFEATURES/span/div div class="textLayer" /div div class="textLayer"span•/spanspan Knob: Tapered/span/div div class="textLayer"span•/spanspan Handle: Thin/span/div div class="textLayer"span•/spanspan Barrel: Medium/Large/span/div div class="textLayer"span•/spanspan Feel: End-loaded/span/div div class="textLayer"span•/spanspan Handcrafted from top-quality maple/span/div div class="textLayer"span• /spanBone rubbed for ultimate wood density/div div class="textLayer"• Great transition bat from aluminum to wood/div div class="textLayer"• Big League-grade ink dot certified/div div class="textLayer"• 30-day warranty included/div div class="textLayer" /div div class="textLayer"TREA TURNER TVT PRO MODEL/div div class="textLayer"  div class="endOfContent" /div /div /div /div /div div class="actions_1x6mm85" /div