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AmazonMiken Last Call 12 barrel MAXLOAD USSSA Slow pitch Softball Bat 34 inch 28 oz
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EbayNew Miken 2021 Last Call USSSA Maxload Slowpitch Softball Bat Black/White 241.2

  Don't miss out on the 2021 Last Call USSSA bat! USSSA will be implementing a new testing certification in 2021 meaning new bats will be certified at a different standard. These Last Call bats are the last to feature the old testing standard, and will be grandfathered in when the change is in place. These bats feature our Triple Matrix Core+ technology combined with 100 comp premium aerospace grade fiber which work together to maximize performance and durability. In addition, the F2P handle optimizes barrel flex which allows you to get the 12-inch, Maxload barrel through the zone faster. Don't miss out on these crazy hot bats, get your Last Call USSSA bat today! Made in the U.S.A. ul lispan class="label"Size: /span span class="value" 2 1/4 in /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Frame: /span span class="value" Two-Piece /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Technology: /span span class="value" Triple Matrix Core, 100 COMP /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Series: /span span class="value" Last Call /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Warranty: /span span class="value" 1 Year /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Barrel Length: /span span class="value" 12 in /span/li li class="attribute"span class="label"Year Released: /span span class="value" 2021/span/li /ul TRIPLE MATRIX CORE + TECHNOLOGY INCREASES OUR EXCLUSIVE AEROSPACE GRADE MATERIAL VOLUME BY 15%, ELIMINATING WALL SEAMS WITH A BREAKTHROUGH CARBONIZED PROCESS THAT MAXIMIZES BOTH PERFORMANCE AND DURABILITY. FLEX 2 POWER (F2P) OPTIMIZES HANDLE FLEX TO BARREL LOADING WHICH MAXIMIZES THE OVERALL SPEED OF THE BAT HEAD THROUGH THE HITTING ZONE. 100 COMP™IS THE REVOLUTIONARY FORMULA THAT CHANGED THE GAME AND INTRODUCED CERTIFIED MIKEN® HIGH PERFORMANCE EQUIPMENT. THIS PRODUCT IS ENGINEERED UTILIZING 100% PREMIUM AEROSPACE GRADE FIBER TO DELIVER MIKEN'S LEGENDARY PERFORMANCE AND DURABILITY.