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AmazonDiamond DOL-1 Leather Baseballs Blem 1 Doz
EbayDiamond Baseballs Leather DOL-1 HS 3 Dozen Case High School NFHS 179.95
EbayDiamond DOL-1 HS Youth Game & High School Practice Baseball 1 Dozen 62.45
EbayDiamond Sports Baseballs Leather DOL-A HS High School 3 Dozen (36 Balls) 194.95
EbayDiamond 6-Gallon Ball Bucket with 30 Balls DOL-1 OL Official League Baseballs 158.95

  Cork and Rubber Core ul lispan class="a-list-item" Yarn Wound /span/li lispan class="a-list-item" Full Grain Leather Cover /span/li lispan class="a-list-item" 5 oz 9 in /span/li /ul Diamond Sports is a leading sports manufacturer specializing in baseball, softball, and football products. Diamond strives to promote the advancement of competitive sports on all levels by delivering high-end quality products. Specializing in baseballs, the company also offers top quality umpire equipment and baseball accessories. Constructed with the signature Diamond Seam™, a Diamond ball is one of the best baseballs available. Diamond balls are made with only the finest premium leather cover for durability and performance. Diamond offers a full line of balls including little league, youth and professional leather baseballs. At Baseball Savings, you will find great prices and selection on Diamond baseballs, baseball equipment, and umpire equipment.