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AmazonBaum Bat AAA Wood Composite Baseball Bat 325 Standard Knob -3
EbayBAUM Bat AAA Gold Maple Pro 33/30 taper knob demarini easton rawlings victus 150.0
EbayBaum Baseball Wood Bat 33” inch with Lizard Skin 250.0

  Baum Bats - are durable unique wood composite structures that are manufactured under conditions similar to those used to make advanced aerospace products Baum Bats products are the result of years of intensive research and development in materials science physics and mechanical engineering As Baum Bats reputation proves the Baum Bat is simply the best bat in the world! With the AAA Pro Model Baum Bat you will: Save money because you not have to buy another wood bat all season You will without a doubt become a better hitter and prove to coaches scouts and fans you can hit with a wood bat Thousands of Baum Bats have been placed in worldwide service in professional baseball collegiate summer leagues colleges and high schools All reports indicate the same thing - the AAA Pro Baum Bat is a wood bat except it is far more durable Thousands of hits were attained on some bats while maintaining the inside-jam pitch effectiveness due to bat sting and wood-like ball exit velocity Umpires fans coaches and players could not tell any difference in the game and most importantly the hitters became noticeably improved at the college and high school level while maintaining the game as it was designed A designed combination and clone of the five most popular Major League hardwood bats The AAA Pro Baum Bat hits feels looks and sounds exactly like wood with a maximum diameter of 2505 and a sweet spot diameter of 2473 Length to weight ratio of -3 guaranteed weight The major difference is durability Imagine not having to replace your wood bat every 20-70 swings when it breaks! This is without a doubt the most durable bat in baseball