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AmazonShoeless Joe 1400HW Softball Glove 14 inch Mens Right Hand Throw

  div p style="text-align: left;"Shoeless Joe Professional Series ball gloves may have that old-time, classic-golden era look, but they are fierce competitors on today’s baseball and softball fields. Shoeless Joe Professional Series ball gloves are hand made with 100% Tobacco Tanned steer hide that allows them to be quickly broken in and “Game Ready”, in a very short period of time./p /div p class="bodycopy" style="text-align: left;" align="center"Shoeless Joe Professional Series baseball gloves are manufactured with the most up to date technology for construction and design, to effectively play the game. Because of these recent updates, your Shoeless Joe glove will maintain it’s shape and structure for many enjoyable seasons. Remember, Shoeless Joe ball gloves are the “Fastest to the Field” from the time they are purchased to when they are “Game Ready”./p p style="text-align: left;"Shoeless Joe 1400HW Softball glove 14 inch Mens (Right Hand Throw) : Men softball players can play the game with extreme confidence when using a Shoeless Joe 14 inch softball fielders glove. A player has the choice of either an H Web or Basket Weave Pocket. Like all Shoeless Joe gloves, they are made out of hand laced and oiled 100% Steer hide Tobacco tanned leather, and require very little break in time./p