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  Anderson Flex Youth Baseball Bat -12 USSSA 1.15 (29-inch-17-oz) : The Anderson 2015 Flex -12 Youth Composite Baseball bat is made to give hitters just the right balance of power plus speed with a thin, buggy whip handle for generating more bat speed to catch up with fastballs plus a muscled up barrel for extra pop and distance upon contact. Weve packed as much weight in the sweet spot to create a trampoline effect when you make contact on the bats sweet spot. Bymuscling up the barrel weve created a larger, juicier sweet spot thats more forgiving. Youll feel the ball immediately jump off the barrel and then rapidly pick up speed as it leaves the infield. The 2015 Flex -12 bat has a Reduced Moment of Inertia (the effort necessary to swing the bat) allows you to generate break neck bat speed without burning an extra ounce of effort. Its like swinging a bat with the force of a sledgehammer with the effort of a fly swatter producing more powerful hits, massive ball speed and bigger offensive numbers. Never worry about blisters or tired, sore hands with the Flexs plush padded spiral grip which provides a pillow soft feel with leather tough durability. Dont wait for your bat to break in FLEX comes out of the wrapper white hot and requires just a handful of swings to be primed and ready for teeing off opposing pitchers.